AHMW Year 12



Analogue Heaven

Midwest Get-together

April 10th, 2010


The TWELFTH annual Get-Together will be Saturday, April 10th at the PHHS Media Center.

I'll have the doors open at 9:00am. All synthgeekgearheads are encouraged to join us

and spend some time with awesome gear and great people.


Past gear includes:

All sorts of Modulars (MOTM, DotCom, Blacet, Metalbox, Wiard,

Doepfer, Cynthia, Modcan, etc), Moog, PPG, SunSyn,

Evolvers, Prophets, ARPs, XOX & DIY gear, and much more!


Some pictures from previous years…

  Nathan on the theremin  Tony Clark's Korg PS-3100 


   Mark Morton's Quadra  


 Tony Clark  Cary Roberts Harry Bissell  


YouTube shorts from 2007


Location is between Lagrange and Angola in NorthEast Indiana.


MAP #1 shows the location relative to Interstate 69 and the Indiana Toll Road.

MAP #2 shows the close-up view of where to park for easy gear unloading.


The exact address is 245 S 1150 E, Lagrange, IN 46795

If you need help getting here, just email me:  oozitron  “at”  gmail.com


What to bring:

* Your cool synths

* Long extension cords and power strips

* Audio cables, small mixer and headphones (or speakers)

* Camera!


With so many synths begging to be played, headphones are ideal for

exploring all the different instruments people bring.


Live performances, demonstrations and jam sessions are encouraged.


Food (subject to change):

We will order out for lunch (sandwiches), and usually meet for dinner at the Ramada in Angola.

Feel free to bring your own if you wish.

There are a couple nearby restaurants and gas stations, but not much.

Angola and Lagrange have McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, etc.

PHHS is a rural school!


Also, since this is a school building, consumption of alcohol on the grounds is illegal,

and smoking is not permitted inside.



A few of the local motels would be:


Ramada Inn (R on map #1) North of Angola at I69 exit 154

ph 260-665-9471

has restaurant, bar, indoor pool and sauna


Super 8 (S on map #1) At Indiana Toll Road, Howe exit

ph 260-562-2828


Holiday Inn (H on map #1) At Indiana Toll Road, Howe exit

ph 260-562-3660


The Ramada seems to be the choice of past attendees!